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About Us

This small farm outside of Brighton, CO consists of Jeff and Amy Dill and their two children remaining at home.  The family itself consists of six kids; ranging in age from 13 to 24!  Everyone except Jalen and Kamryn are out of the house and starting their adult lives.  Jalen is 17 and Kamryn is 13.  This family has always embraced the farm life and is anxious to start many new adventures on their little farm. 


AJ’s Alpacas is a dream for this family of four.  The farm was the original vision of Amy’s step-father AJ.  He loved his farm and it was his dream to always keep it in the family.  Sadly, AJ passed away in 2016.  Amy, Jeff, Kamryn and Jalen moved back to the farm in August of 2018.  


The family immediately started thinking about which animals they would like to have on their little farm.  They always knew they would have some chickens and ducks and considered goats.  A few months on the farm and the kids said they wanted to have horses.  The family quickly bought four horses and everyone is learning daily about each horse. 


Kamryn asked early on about owning alpacas but Amy and Jeff didn’t put much thought into them at the time.  Later, Jeff mentioned owning alpacas and Amy remembered that Kamryn had wanted an alpaca.  The family started researching their care and more about raising them.  After visiting a local alpaca farm, the family was hooked.  And thus, AJ’s Alpacas was started. 


AJ’s Alpacas has started small, with just three female alpacas.  Hopefully, the herd will grow in the summer of 2019 when two of the alpacas, Verona and Cover Girl are due.  For there the family will continue to grow the herd into a small alpaca farm. 

In May of 2019 the family starts to grow their goat herd starting with four Nigerian dwarf goats and also getting fainting goats.


Check back often as the family has plans to continue to make changes and additions to the business.  Besides alpacas, they hope to start raising miniature fainting goats. 


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